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“I take care of people in media, sport and business. My coaching gives a person the capacity to thrive in pressured situations over the course of a career. A central part of capacity building involves shaping the mental resilience needed to handle expectations, media scrutiny and public perception in a 24/7 socially open culture.”

People in the Media

Having reached your space to perform you have an active audience and a chance to express talents that have taken a lifetime to cultivate. You now have to manage your time, mind, and each aspect of your life with a new precision so that you can make the most of this opportunity, and that is when Ricky becomes an invaluable member to add to your professional support team. His coaching helps singers, actors, media personalities and social media influencers.

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Professional Sports Athletes

Professional sport is a once in a lifetime opportunity to make your passion your purpose. As an athlete grows in to their peak years they refine their knowledge of how to get the very best out of themselves. For most athletes they miss a huge trick…how to bring the mind on board as a friend rather than a foe. This aspect of sport still remains an avenue of massively untapped potential and one where Ricky’s expertise become an invaluable asset in your professional support structure.

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Leaders in Business

Occupying a position of responsibility can be an unforgiving experience. As our socially open world pulses day and night, technology continues to innovate and global forces become more unpredictable. A leader can find their coach to be the one sanctuary of clarity and resolve. Ricky’s multidisciplinary expertise in Leadership Psychology, Communication and Business makes him the perfect ally to help weather the storms and steer the ship in to better territory.

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Yaser Kasim, 25

Footballer, Swindon FC & Iraq International

“I’ve had the opportunity of being in one on one sessions with Ricky. His teachings have fundamentally changed my life and have helped me work to become a better person. Ricky is an amazing mentor and coach, I cannot thank him enough for his great work.”