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About Ricky

Depth of knowledge with real world expertise

Ricky divides his professional life in a number of ways. At first glance you’ll see him as a psychology coach in his private practice where he helps clients from a diverse cross section of society, ranging from CEO’s of multi national companies, Social Media Influencers to Public Media and Sports Figures. His integrated approach helps his client’s to thrive under pressure in a socially open world.


In addition to this he brings his considerable knowledge to audiences as a speaker on life, mindfulness, neuroscience & psychology. Ricky also shares his skills with other professionals with his licensed trainings in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Brain Based Coaching and Therapeutic Hypnosis. He is a certified trainer in each of these disciplines. Lastly, Ricky brings his unique style of brain friendly training and coaching to businesses, who find his approach both refreshing and inspiring.


His professional life has a rich diversity to it, which he credits for giving him a bigger picture view of the world and the ability to conceptualise the mind of each person he helps. Much of that diverse experience is testament to his willingness over the years to use his skills in challenging environments.


In his private life, Ricky dedicates his time to his wife Parm and their two children. His love for his family, health, learning and adventure leaves him little spare time.