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Business Leaders

Occupying a position of responsibility can be an unforgiving experience. Our socially open world pulses day and night, technology continues to innovate and global forces become more unpredictable. A leader can find their coach to be the one sanctuary of clarity and resolve. Ricky’s multidisciplinary expertise in Leadership Psychology, Communication and Business makes him the perfect ally to help weather the storms and build your resilience. He routinely is the go to person for a number of leaders of multi nationals as well as SMEs who count on his guidance. Some areas he may focus on include:


  • Resolving personal conflicts and challenges
  • Dealing with strain in personal relationships
  • Improve self discipline, motivation and productivity
  • Develop mindfulness skills to regulate stress and fatigue
  • Clarity in thinking and decision making
  • Improving the quality of health, habits and lifestyle
  • Managing relationship dynamics with staff and colleagues
  • Learn how to motivate and lead challenging people
  • Influence stakeholders with expert presentations​


Ricky’s support is available through face to face sessions or via skype so that his help can work according to your schedule and location wherever you are in the world.