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Do you have the right tools to help your child flourish in life?

Even the most resourceful of people can feel overwhelmed and abruptly challenged by parenting a child or young person, even more so when that child is going through difficulties. One central problem appears to be a lack of a safe space for a parent to develop their ideas, gain vital knowledge and harness new skills that match the unique needs of their own child. Get the help you need from Ricky to:



  • Gain knowledge from neuroscience and psychology to make sense of your child’s needs
  • Learn how attuned communication instills security and lifelong well being
  • Conversationally coach your child to make sense of their world
  • Learn to speak to your child in a way that is encouraging and inspiring
  • Discover strategies to promote health, social wellbeing and resilience
  • Overcome your own limitations to become the best parent you can be


Ricky applies his considerable knowledge as a Psychology coach and trainer with his extensive experience of helping children and young people from every walk of life in both the UK and in the USA since the year 2000… his unique experiences and thoughtful approach can be an invaluable ally for all parents.