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Are you ignoring important clues in the art of living?

Ricky GillAll Life Hub Are you ignoring important clues in the art of living?

Are you ignoring important clues in the art of living?

The calling to change in ones life can arrive in many forms. By change it could mean the obvious areas we all look to improve, such as career, lifestyle and relationships or a more poignant change in ones inner landscape.


So how do you know when it’s time to reach out and do something different, to seek a new way? I have made a list of a few things to look out for. The following are important clues, valuable feedback that your life is giving you in order to get your attention. The quicker you notice them the quicker you can make important improvements.


1). Looping


This is something that all people can get stuck in from time to time. It’s when we cover the same territory in our minds over and over again hoping for something new to occur. It’s like when you loose your keys and you keep going over the same three spots hoping they’ll magically appear. If you talk about the same issue 3 times and there is no new insight, shift in feeling or action, that’s looping!


The solution… “Your life changes when you search where you haven’t been searching”. A good coach is essentially a professional attention shifter and asks you the unusual questions to open up your thinking…. “Do something different and new possibilities will show up”


2). Pointing the finger


This is when the stories the Mind tells us have other characters as the main cast. You want to be the main actor in your story…that way you have more of a say about how the plot develops.


The solution… “Realise when we point the finger at others, there are more fingers pointing back at you…and they are saying…all your power is this way”

“Do something different and new possibilities will show up”


3). Forcing yourself to Think Positively


This may sound like it’s a good thing. But your emotional state is good feedback from the wiser part of you…Your Unconscious Mind. Your Unconscious knows when you are living from inspiration and on track with the things that are important to you…and when you are not, it uses your moods and states as a convenient way of getting your attention. Most people try to fix their feelings, have a drink, eat a cake, ignore them even…but what if our less than “positive” moods are giving us valuable clues about how we are living?


The advice: If your mood suffers from too many fluctuations and you have to try and rescue yourself with affirmations and positive thoughts, you may be “shooting the messenger” which is shouting at you… “Hey, wake up…it’s time for a change”. If so, the way in which you’re living may require some macroscopic revision. What you have to try and avoid here is re-creating some earlier part of your life where you were happier. Why? Well, that’s gone and you’re different!  For genuinely fresh inspiration it’s best to get some coaching and start with a blank canvas of what you want…at this point of your life!


4). Boredom….


“Show me someone who is bored, and I’ll show you someone who is super afraid” They may not know it, but they are afraid to step out of the comfort zone and take healthy risks or even seek new possibilities. Boredom is the surest sign a person needs to shake things up a little!


5). Feeling alone…


This seems to be a derivative of the comfort zoning phenomena and probably has more to do with not willing to take emotional risks than the genuine availability of like minded people. Remember, solid and reliable social networks take years to create. As with anything, what you put in is what you get out.


The Solution: When you meet new people, you want to first sort for the similarities rather than the differences: “What’s everything about us that’s similar?”…It’s our similarities that bond us together…then it’s just about accepting their differences. So when we get past some of the knee jerk judgements about people, everything opens up. People feel more accepted in your presence and gravitate toward you.


Start by accepting yourself… “Remember, there are absolutely no standards that you need to live up to in order to accept yourself and enjoy life” And remember, you don’t need to wait for a hurricane to start making changes…because if you’re quiet enough you’ll hear the silent breeze is blowing…and it has a special message for you…


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