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Children and Young People

Could your child benefit from Ricky’s expertise in life psychology?

Childhood and adolescence can have a defining impact on an adult’s life. Yet, most of it is approached in a haphazard way, wherein both the child and parents are forced to make it up as they go along. Friendships can form and dissolve overnight, and all children are asked to comply to a structured world while their brains are still growing. All of this makes for an unpredictable journey. If your child is struggling, they can get the help they need from Ricky to:


  • Survive and thrive through the many challenges that school and education can bring
  • Gain confidence in personal abilities, communication, friendships and social groups
  • Nurture physical, mental and emotional health
  • Take pride in their achievements and be deeply interested in their own progress
  • Build a vision for a career or purpose in young adulthood


When a child or young person has a professional mentor, coach and guide in his or her life, they are given an invaluable tool to protect themselves against the issues that arise from an ever-changing social landscape. Ricky’s expert knowledge can help your child to rise beyond their limitations and have a positive experience during their formative years.