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Is family distress stopping you from moving forward in your life?

Our current families and our families of origin are complex systems. Over time, the mind can internalise representations of family members. In short, we are all affected by the state of family health or dysregulation. This means that we sometimes need help to overcome negative effects that family can bring, as well as needing help on both and individual and group level in order to heal from those effects afterwards. Get the help you need from Ricky to:


  • Heal past family hurts in yourself, so you can live your life in the present
  • Gain the knowledge to heal personal ruptures with other family members
  • Experience the power of family coaching
  • Teach your family how to be an open healthy system of love and support
  • Get the knowledge you need to create your own family in adult life


Ricky’s solution focused approach is influenced by the field of Interpersonal Neuro-biology. He can unite a family by giving direct coaching and feedback to family members who seem to be stuck in on-going negative exchanges. It is a transformative and educational experience that can produce positive life long change for each party involved.