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Mind For Life

Is mental distress disturbing your well being?

However diverse our lives may be, your mind is an ever-present feature in all that you do. Our Minds can be prone to states of rigidity and chaos. Get the help you need from Ricky to


  • Develop your resilience to manage stress
  • Overcome anxiety and panic
  • Regulate disturbances with mood and emotion
  • Grow beyond depression
  • Heal unresolved trauma


Ricky combines an active approach of Neuro Linguistics, Therapeutic Hypnosis and Brain Inspired Coaching with Mindfulness. Many of his clients say his approach is a refreshing departure from the traditional healing pathways. His unique and pragmatic coaching actively retrains the patterns of neural activity that cause unwanted symptoms. As a result he has helped countless people from all over the world overcome painful mental suffering and go on to live full and meaningful lives.