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Physical Health and the Body

Do you sabotage good health with poor habits?

The state of your physical body and your levels of life satisfaction are inseparable. Ricky believes that everyone should feel comfortable in their body but realises that people have learned patterns of behaviour which sabotage physical health despite their good intentions and efforts. Get the help you need from Ricky to:


  • Overcome your negative associations of exercise
  • Make the enjoyment of exercise an ongoing feature of your life
  • Break free from cycles of dieting, comfort eating and binge eating
  • Change the poor food choices and habits that operate outside of your awareness
  • Feel comfortable in your body and have a positive desire to take care of your health


Ricky’s approach integrates his unique brand of psychology with good sound practical knowledge around exercise and nutrition. He works to disrupt the unconscious patterns of associations and behaviours that lead people away from long term health. This makes his approach particularly powerful for people who have had a number of attempts at improving their physical health but have been painfully derailed.