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Are your relationships a source of pain or joy?

Our close personal relationships can be a source of joy or pain for a variety of reasons. A close relationship can sometimes act as a mirror, highlighting our faults and blind spots. This reality can be in stark contrast to the romantic ideals that we have of love. It’s at this point that people may feel that the love has gone. In truth, it can be an opportunity for incredible psychological growth. Get the help you need from Ricky to:


  • Find the right person for you by knowing what you want and need in a relationship
  • Change the negative or unfulfilling roles you play in close relationships
  • Update limiting agreements formed early on in a relationship
  • Gain knowledge about the 3 phases of love and where you are
  • Overcome problems in empathy, intimacy and communication
  • Create a shared vision for a desired future with a partner


A loving relationship can be the most meaningful ground to become a better person, as long as you each follow the correct map of how one should be with another person in a life enhancing way. Ricky is a leading coach and educator on all aspects of close relationships and can either work with an individual or with a couple during his coaching sessions.