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Having reached your space to perform, you now have an active audience and the chance to express talents that may have taken a lifetime to cultivate. You now have to manage your time, your mind and your life with precision, so that you may make the most of this opportunity. This is where Ricky will become an invaluable member of your professional support team. His coaching helps singers, actors, media personalities and social media influencers to stay on a successful path, and can help them right themselves when they feel that they have strayed. Some examples of areas on which he may focus are:


  • Making sense of the culture and trends in your industry so your talent can be properly positioned
  • Mental rehearsal and preparation for key performances
  • Overcoming factors that inhibit creativity
  • Build resilience to deal with criticism, scrutiny, public perception and the pressure to deliver
  • Prevent fatigue and burnout by developing essential habits for the mind and body
  • Developing authenticity in personal relationships
  • Treating addictions with a high-level of confidentiality
  • Bring the broader system of your life into harmony so you may better focus upon your career


Ricky’s support is available through face-to-face sessions, or via skype so that his help can adapt to your schedule and so that he is able to offer advice and guidance wherever you happen to be in the world.