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The 7 steps to improving your health and resilience

Ricky GillAll Talent Hub The 7 steps to improving your health and resilience

The 7 steps to improving your health and resilience

This is a brief list and will be expanded much further in future posts. Each of these areas are researched and backed by various scientific disciplines. I think of these as the macros we all need for health, in effect the bedrock that gives us resilience. I have included one manageable tip in each section. Just like medicine, this stuff works when you take it!


Good Sleep and Rest

Get black out blinds or an eye mask to get better quality REM sleep when the sun starts to rise. REM sleep (rapid eye movement) helps us to make sense of the world, so it’s vital for mental health!


Live Nutritious Food

Grass fed meat is far better than grain fed meat; it’s far richer in healthy fats which have too many health benefits to list in a short tip of the day!


Fresh Air, Sunlight and Greenery

Research has shown the intermittent sounds and hues of nature produce mood enhancing chemicals in the brain…so even having your morning tea in the garden is a good place to start


Daily Mindfulness Practice

Ratio Breathing and Peripheral Vision for 10 minutes and then close your eyes to slow down your brain waves to at least Alpha. Alpha is the equivalent of relaxed awareness, also known as flow states. When you slow down to observe your mental life you de couple the automaticity of reactivity.


Daily Exercise

Short sharp bursts are great for enhancing your mood as well lowering the levels of fat in your blood. Make sure you include working your legs in that daily burst, as the legs are your ongoing personal inferno for calories!


Meaningful and Purposeful Activity

To the best of your ability if you can involve yourself in projects that match your innate interests you will never struggle for motivation.

Your interests are a great source of strength in the changing fortunes of time, and the more you engage in open states of learning, the more your cells activate programmes of growth rather than protection….this may have something to do with longevity.


Good Company

Lots of research shows that isolation leads to ill health. In my last post I talked about technology and how to manage its use. Well, it can actually help us to avoid real human interaction rather than embrace it. Today’s tip is to avoid TV dinners, sit on the table and face each other…a simple way to connect. Tune in to the inner world of those in your close circle and respond with compassion and kindness.





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