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Professional sport is a once in a lifetime opportunity to make your passion your purpose. As an athlete grows in to their peak years, they refine their knowledge as to how they can get the very best performance out of themselves. For most athletes, they miss a huge trick: how to bring the mind on board as a friend, rather than coping with it as a foe. This aspect of sport still remains an avenue of massively untapped potential, and one where Ricky’s expertise becomes an invaluable asset to your professional support structure. Ricky’s knowledge has helped build and, in some cases, save the careers of professionals in a number of key sports including Football, Boxing, Athletics, Golf and Cricket. Some areas on which he may focus are:


  • Shaping excellent mental focus in training and performance situations
  • Custom building the right combination of performance states for your unique skills
  • Overcoming habits with lifestyle and food that prevent optimal fitness
  • Resolving performance anxiety
  • Recovering form and confidence after injury and other set backs
  • Resolving conflict with team mates and coaches
  • Handling media scrutiny and public perception
  • Developing authenticity in personal relationships
  • Bring the broader system of your life in to harmony so you can have a career focus
  • Financial habits to plan beyond your career


Ricky’s support is available through face-to-face sessions or via Skype, so that his help may fit around your schedule and location, wherever you happen to be in the world.